Win at work and life

Here flexibility is more than working when and where it suits - it's empowering you to lead the career and life you want. Progressive flexibility, leave and wellbeing policies, backed by teammates and leaders who support the whole you, means you'll thrive at every stage of your personal and professional journey. At Lion you don't have to choose - here you can win in both work and life.
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Lion's flex policy is centred around our purpose, 'Making the Moment Mean More' at work and through our work. It's designed around our customer, business and individual, so everyone can embrace the now and the possibilities ahead.
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Work plays a key role in your wellbeing, be it physical, mental, emotional or social. So we don't settle unless everyone can bring their whole self to work and feel like they belong.

More than just a home office, how will flex work for you?

Our culture of challenging the status quo goes beyond innovating our products, its about challenging the way we work, so our flexible work policy is ever evolving to continue to empower our people to stay connected to each other and our customers while balancing all of life's priorities.
FlexiPLACE Whether its splitting your work week between the office and home or 'flexidesking' between Lion sites for different stakeholders, Flexiplace allows our teams freedom in how we collaborate.
FlexiSCHEDULE Flexing our start and finish times for school drop offs, avoiding evening traffic, scheduling "meeting-less" days or blocking out the lunch hour to go to the gym. Flexischedule is about what you deliver, not when!
FlexiROLE Job shares, cross functional roles, or splitting shifts are all ways we work to maximise our skills and give our teams a variety of experiences without being limited by traditional ways of working.
FlexiLEAVE Leave is a critical lever to maintain your wellbeing, so Lion offers our teams opportunities to purchase up to 2 weeks additional leave and provides 2 days of paid volunteer leave each year. How will you use yours? 
FlexiLOCATION Extend your holiday, work overseas while visiting family or from another city while travelling domestically up to 30 days per year. FlexiLocation means your career goals don't have to be put on hold just because you're not in town.

Hear how our team enjoys flexibility

Returning to Work Part-time
"I have loved the flexibility of returning to work part time after the birth of my first child and having the freedom to decide if/when I want to go full-time again. It’s given my family time to adjust and figure out what works best for us. But it’s not just Lion’s policies that make it a great place to work, it’s having a leader and team who support you and genuinely want you to succeed."

Jessica Cleworth, Internal Communications Manager
Hybrid Working
"I'm social and have always enjoyed being around others in the office.  The pandemic obviously changed things in this regard, and I've enjoyed the increased flexibility that hybrid work offers.  While I still enjoy coming into the office, I love the flexibility of being able to work from home when I need to focus, for me it's probably the benefit of not having the travel time, having time to focus, and spending a little bit more time with the family."

Daryl Moles, Safety and Wellbeing Director
My Family Lives Overseas
"The option to work from 'home' in my case both Mexico and Brazil, where I have my family for 30 days a year is extremely beneficial to my mental health. I have always been very close to my family, so this has allowed me to be with them in very important moments, such as staying a month around my wedding day."

Sara Magalhaes Coelho, Project Systems Engineer
Two Young Kids
"Flexibility at Lion has been fantastic during my time here. I have two boys under 4. Last year, I split my parental leave over a year, which meant I got to spend every Friday with my boys. It was amazing to have an extra day with my sons every week"

John Hayles, CX Design Lead
Working Remotely
"As someone who moved to Sydney by myself several years ago, with my parents still living in Perth, I have always felt a sense of distance and occasional guilt for being so far away from them. However, with the Co-flex policy, I have had the chance to visit WA and work from the office there a few times in the last six months without using any of my annual leave. It's wonderful to be able to spend quality time with my family while maintaining my work routine!"

Vee Dong, Talent Acquisition Partner

What are we doing to support our people's wellbeing?

Here's to Families at Lion

Our equal access parental leave policy allows our team members to access generous benefits from day one, regardless of tenure, gender or caring role. It also accounts for surrogacy, adoption, foster care, IVF and miscarraige/ termination or stillbirth.

Parents can take leave in one block, smaller blocks or single days any time in the first 2 years of a child's birth.

This inclusive policy means we've seen a 50/50 male/female uptake of parental leave since 2020.

Cheers to that 🍻
Here's to Mental and Emotional Wellbeing at Lion
Whether its our volunteer Mental Health First Aiders sitting across our business to support their teammates, leader resources via our Best M.E. program or attending one of the regular opportunities to hear from the experts via our external partners like Gotcha4Life, our culture is built around supporting our people to be the best version of themselves.

Our team at James Boags Brewery was one of many that got to learn from the best about how to build 
emotional resilience, enable social connectedness, and promote healthy help-seeking behaviours.

​​​​​​​Cheers to that πŸ»
Here's to Going Home Safe
 Every year we have a Stop for Safety week to refocus our efforts on our 'Safety Essentials' to make sure everyone goes home to their families physically just as they came to work.

We care about ourselves and others. We all own safety and take action when something is unsafe. We lead by example, setting the standard we expect from others.

Safety and Wellbeing are more than just words at Lion, its a culture owned by every leader and team member. 
Cheers to that πŸ»

How we're doing

Our latest engagement survey revealed what our people are feeling.

"My Leader cares about my wellbeing." 

"Safety is a priority in my team." 

"I feel included at work."

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