We do the right thing

At Lion we give a XXXX, so together we are leading the way for things we truly care about in our environment, communities and workplace. You'll belong in a culture that celebrates, respects and supports you for you.

Being a Force for Good

Be proud of where you work - together we're a force for good in our environment, society and communities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

All are welcome at Lion and we won't settle until everyone feels like they belong, no matter where you come from, what you look like or if you prefer a coffee to a beer.

Carbon Neutral Brewer

​​​​​​Proud to be Australasia's first large-scale carbon neutral brewer. Our 'whole brewery' approach includes energy efficiency, biogas utilisation and rooftop solar and we won't stop here!

Renewable Electricity 

Achieving our goal 2 years ahead of schedule, we are Australia's first large scale brewer to procure 100% renewable electricity including Power Purchase agreements at our 141 year old XXXX brewery and 64 year old Tooheys brewery, how good! 

Recyclable Packaging

 Including 64% recycled content. And this is just the beginning with further targets in place across our entire supply chain to reduce emmissions and leverage more recycled content in all our packaging materials. Are you up for the challenge?
Leveraging our strengths as a Force for Good Become a part of our team and help drive our ambitions forward to create a business that thrives while being a force for good for our people and our planet, thinking beyond the short-term and prioritising the needs of future generations.

Lion's Sustainability Report 2023

Our strategy is unique, as we keep our core purpose, business assetts, and passions in mind to set meaningfully targeted goals and actions that we can all get involved in and be proud of!

To learn more about our sustainability journey and how we work to strengthen the resilience of the communities we operate within, champion responsible use of our products, and ensure we have positive impact on the environment now and for generations to come, read our 2023 Sustainability Report. 

Lion's Reconciliation Action Plan 

We invite you to join us in our vision: an Australia that embraces unity and inclusivity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture and that of all Australians.

Read more below about our journey and committments to a reconciled future.

A workplace to be proud of....

Social Responsibility in Alcohol Consumption
Our products can play a positive role in bringing people together, and elevating and enriching moments, but we are open about the potential for misuse and have taken a leadership role in tackling alcohol misuse through partnerships, policies and product innovation.

We are members of DrinkWise in Australia and Cheers! in New Zealand. We also offer a free alcohol education program, from beginnings back in 2013, Alcohol&Me has around 40,000 completions a year. Give it a go below!
Doing the right thing by our communities

​​​​​​​We find multiple pathways to connect with our communities and give back, including 2 days paid volunteer leave for every employee each year, workplace giving programs and strong partnerships with our Lion charities.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved whether its following a personal passion or joining your team at one of our organised volunteering events!
Challenging the way Tooheys gets delivered 

Never settling, we are looking at every aspect of our Supply Chain for opportunities to do things differently. In partnership with BevChain, we put NSW's first fully carbon neutral, electric beer truck onto the road to deliver to our customers. 

Innovation is at our core, come help us challenge the status quo!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Women at Lion

We have an ambitious goal to have 40%+ representation of both genders across every team at Lion to truly harness the power of diversity and in 2022 we were tracking at 37% representation of women across the organisation.

Culturally Diverse 

We know that to truly unlock Lion's potential, we need a workforce just as diverse as our consumer base, so we're also tracking the cultural diversity of our workforce and working to ensure we are inclusive to all.

Women in Leadership

We've also been steadily increasing the representation of women in leadership roles across the organisation through programs like "Women at Lion" designed to support our women to harness all of their potential. 

A workplace where you belong...

Here's to 'Pride at Lion'
 Whether its hosting Drag Trivia to celebrate IDAHOBIT Day, dancing down Oxford Street with our Little Creatures float, hosting roundtables for bisexual awareness week or raising funds for our Workplace Giving Partner Bobby Goldsmith Foundatation on World AIDS Day our LGBTQ Employee Network strives to provide visibility and equality for the LBGTQI community across our company and promote an inclusive working environment that allows individuals to be their best authentic selves, all the while having a great time doing it!

Cheers to that 🍻 
Here's to 'Respect at Lion'
More than just words at Lion, we have all committed to live by a "Code" that guides all our interactions and relationships, including customers, partners, contractors and suppliers. We have built an organisation wide understanding of the importance of respect and inclusion with ongoing skill builds annually. 
This includes everyday actions that promote inclusion, how to speak up, the role of the bystander & leaders, the standards we don’t walk by and our shared accountability to keep each other safe.

Cheers to that 🍻
Here's to 'We Belong at Lion'
We Belong, our Cultural Diversity Employee Network, aims to build a strong sense of belonging for culturally diverse team members where they are given the ability to thrive, in their chosen career path, authentically.

We also support cultural diversity through increased awareness, celebrating cultural events and increased advocacy.  And of course, all are invited to join and participate regardless of your background! 

Cheers to that 🍻

Hear from our team about belonging

Sarah Abbott, Inclusion and diversity leader
"When is comes to supporting victims of domestic and family abuse, it is important to be overt about the support provided, even if you think no one needs it because there will be a person looking for the signs and symbols that you are there for them."
Sarah Abbott
Inclusion and Diversity Leader
Payam Esmaeilpour, Technology Support Analyst
"From the moment I first walked through Lion’s doors, I came to realise how incredible the culture is. The thing I value the most about Lion is the people who work here, how they interact with each other in a respectful and kind way, even on their bad days!"
Payam Esmaeilpour
Technology Support Analyst
Vee Dong, Talent acquisition partner
"I’m a committee member of 'We Belong at Lion', an inclusion and diversity network here at Lion! 
As an employee with a diverse cultural background, I feel proud and lucky to be part of this network. I am treated with respect and appreciation despite my cultural differences, and I am grateful that I can be my authentic self at work!"
Vee Dong
Talent Acquistion Partner
Shahni Gagan, Mechanical Fitter
"I have never seen, heard of, or experienced, any discrimination, bullying or general ‘unfairness’. There is a strong focus on inclusion and equality, which makes the workplace a very comfortable environment."
Shahni Gagan
Mechanical Fitter, Tooheys