teams at lion
Manufacturing and Production

What we do

There’s an art to making cheese, an elegance to creating a fine wine and there is a real craft to brewing a great beer. But there’s a lot more that goes on behind-the-scenes before our consumers see the final product.

Our teams across ANZ are our secret to creating Lion’s diverse range of high quality dairy, juice, alcohol, non-alcoholic and soy products.

We face a plethora of challenges everyday, but with the support of great leaders within a culture that embraces agility, diversity and continuous improvement, our behind the scenes work never goes unrecognised.

How we operate

In Australia and New Zealand we have 31 sites set up to process milk, juice and dairy products, make cheese, brew beer and create wine. Our sites are filled with people that are passionate about making the wide range of products that you find in your fridge and at home.

Ad Van Dijke
Packaging and Technology Director