teams at lion

What we do

The best part of working in Lion Retail is that you get to explore consumer behaviour and deduce why they make the choices they make. This gives us a unique perspective in applying strategy and direction for sustained marketplace success.

Because we get to see first hand why consumers love the brands we love, we are motivated to do the right thing for them and Lion for the long term.

How we operate

We are expansive enough as a company to give you the freedom to make the changes you want to see in your career to succeed. But we are also focussed enough to champion people development processes to get you there.

No two days are the same in Retail, and we like to keep it that way.

Pip Harrison
Regional Manager – Central, Lion Liquor Retail
I love working with the LK team because of the culture, the people I get to work with, and because we are the industry leader in outstanding retail standards.