teams at lion

What we do

As the guardians of our icon brands’ relationships with their consumers, our marketing teams are a driven bunch. We understand that we create products that have been part of people’s everyday lives, sometimes for generations.

It’s these relationships that we treasure, protect and evolve. Then there’s the newbies. New markets and new products. Finding, developing or creating new markets for our existing iconic products as well as our latest and greatest innovations.

Our success is dependent on our marketing and how consumers experience our brands. Yes it’s a big responsibility, but an extremely satisfying one.

How we operate

Marketing roles at Lion are as exciting as they are rewarding, drawing on insights and ideas, experiences and inspirations. We work hand in hand with our Sales and Supply Chain team to bring these brands to life.

We have marketing teams within each of our business units, with roles based in Sydney, Auckland, London and our U.S. sites. So if you have the imagination, and the passion to bring our products to life, we’ll do the same for your career.

Ben Fisher
Brand Activation Manager