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Customer Service

What we do

In a week, our Customer Service centre, Lion Connect, takes over 10,000 calls, processes over 2,600 orders for our retail partners, and speaks to over 300 consumers. But our favourite number is the ranking we received in the beverage industry’s contact centre list.

With an amazing portfolio of brands adored by people across Australia and New Zealand, it’s easy to talk to customers about our products all day. Which is why our second favourite number is 89%, our People Engagement score last year.

We may just be slightly in love with our jobs, but we aren’t ashamed to admit it.

How we operate

There’s no better way to fast-track your career than with the Lion Connect team or in one of our customer service centres in Sydney or Auckland.

We have direct contact with so many business divisions and customers via multiple channels, that variety and constant learning are a part of our everyday.

Darren Xuereb
Sales Leader, Lion Connect