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Spotlight on Beer and Cider

Lion offers an outstanding portfolio of Australian beers. Iconic trademarks like XXXX, Boags and Tooheys partner with newer, innovative takes on the category like Little Creatures, Hahn Super Dry and James Squire.

As the largest brewer in New Zealand, we are proud to manage the country’s leading portfolio of beer brands with an abundance of quality and heritage.

Lion produces and markets six of the country’s top 10 beer brands, including beers from Speight’s, Steinlager and Mac’s along with regional brands such as Waikato Draught and a growing range of craft and international beers including Emerson’s, Corona, Stella Artois and Guinness.

We have also played a pivotal role in the growing popularity of cider in Australia.  Our 5 Seeds brand revolutionised the market in 2009 and is the third largest cider in the country today.  When we started thinking about making ciders, we wanted to combine our commitment to quality brewing with our love of exploring and innovating. In NZ we have done just that and we’re excited to introduce a range of crafted ciders with imaginative flavour twists.

Major breweries
Beer known as Australia's Number 1 Beer - XXXX Gold born and brewed in QLD
of the country's top 10 beer brands in NZ
Craft breweries with rapid expansion into Asia

A day in the life

Lion is the proud home to some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading beer brands and while we’re best-known for our beers, we also have a range of popular cider brands too. There are roles in supply chain, sales, marketing and beyond. To see if there is a role for you, view the video and step into our world.

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