how we hire
We have built a process that balances you the candidate and Lion's interests at heart. Our purpose is to create an experience that is insightful and gives you all the information you need to make a choice and gives you the best opportunity to share all about you.

Our talent acquisition process

Every process will differ slightly but we really want to be transparent and embody the Lion culture all through the process. We have created an environment where you can really be yourself, so we really want to hear about your different experiences and backgrounds. You can expect to get to meet plenty of Lion people, receive quality feedback and hopefully have some fun along the way.


Once you’ve found your ideal role at Lion, take some time out to prepare. This is the first opportunity for you to reflect and think how your experiences will enable your success in a role at Lion. Keep in mind the role, business and values.


Try to keep your application professional, concise, and targeted to the role you’re applying for! We are happy with or without a cover letter, up to you, keep in mind though a cover letter can help us know more about why you have applied for the role.


The selection process here will differ based upon the role you have applied for, however at a minimum you can expect:

  • A conversation with a Talent Acquisition team member
  • Behavioural interview: we aim for a gender balanced interview panel that includes the hiring leader
  • Occupational ability and psychometric assessments

We will keep you up to date along the way and will let you know right upfront what parts of the process you will be doing and when. We will do our very best to work within your schedule.


Lastly pulling together the offer, at Lion we have worked really hard to remove any gender pay gap, we will take into account your skills and experiences you bring to Lion along with the role you are applying. We are happy to chat through providing anything that will help you make the best decision for you.

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and leveraging our unique perspectives to innovate and grow.  If you need specific support or adjustments during the recruitment process, please let us know and we will work towards a solution that ensures a fair and equitable process.

We particularly understand the unique challenges and concerns that transgender and gender-diverse applicants may have throughout the recruitment process. If you are transgender or gender diverse and would like to understand more about the process and how we can support you, please contact Sarah Abbott, our Inclusion & Diversity Leader, at [email protected]com.

Tips from our talent team

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Jane Hill
People & Culture Director
Consider projects where you may have been able to apply your skills more broadly than your specific area of expertise. This demonstrates agility in your thinking.