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Everything we do at Lion is underpinned by our values. Our values are not just words on a paper but are an intrinsic part of who we are and how we operate.


    “I believe that if you’re truly passionate about what you
    do, it shines through in every part of your life.”

    Alex Tempany

    Insights Manager, Innovation & Insights

    We are passionate about our people, suppliers, consumers,
    brands and being a sustainable business.


    “It’s the only job I’ve had where you wake up in the
    morning and you’re genuinely happy to come to work.”

    Praneel Kumar

    Customer Account Executive, Corporate

    We care about high engagement levels at work and
    championing wellbeing in the broader community.


    “Lion has a culture that makes you want to do the extra
    bit for them because they make it such a good place to

    Geoff Davies

    Reliability Engineer, Maintenance

    Social interaction is a way of life at Lion.
    We spread positivity within Lion and to the wider public.

    Achieving together

    “I love being able to work with my fantastic team
    members to ensure that they can be the best they can be.”

    Elise Gare

    External Relations Director, BSW

    We support everyday creativity with a high dose of trust and
    motivation to achieve great things together.


    “We do the right thing for the long term. To me,
    that’s about making sure what we’re doing now
    is the right thing for the future.”

    Emma Beard

    Commercial Director, Finance

    We are committed to being responsible for our people and
    the wellbeing of our wider community.