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great Stories

great Stories

Maintenance | Supply Chain

Geoff - Reliability Engineer

In: Maintenance | tags: Supply Chain

From heavy industry to milk products to beer tasting in a brewery. Discover what made this Geoff ‘s perfect job and why it’s never too late to follow your dream.

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Finance | Corporate

Emma - Commercial Director

In: Finance | tags: Corporate

Emma really enjoys the freedom and autonomy she gets to achieve in her role, and she has a great time doing it. Find out how sociability plays a vital part in a great career at Lion.

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Innovation & Insights | Sales and Marketing

Alex - Insights Manager

In: Innovation & Insights | tags: Sales and Marketing

Her passion, drive and energy mean that Alexandra’s in the perfect place for a stellar career. With positivity to spare, and great support from Lion, she always gets the most out of every day.

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Sales | Sales and Marketing

Haley - Field Sales Manager

In: Sales | tags: Sales and Marketing

Haley wanted to work with the best people a business that shared her high values and actually lived and breathed them. Now she’s here and loving it!

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Stuart - Regional Leader. Group Manufacturing Excellence Team

In: Manufacturing & Production | tags: Supply Chain

He’s had a lot of great opportunities, done lots of the things he’s interested in and worked with a lot of great people. Now find out why the Manufacturing Excellence team’s such an excellent fit for Stuart.

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Sales | Sales and Marketing

Stu - State Sales Manager, Dairy & Drinks

In: Sales | tags: Sales and Marketing

Stu’s friend once told him ‘It’s a fantastic company and you’ll have the time of your life’. Now he’s been her for over ten years, we reckon she was right.

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Customer Service | Sales and Marketing

Praneel - Customer Account Executive

In: Customer Service | tags: Sales and Marketing

As a qualified physicist and airline pilot, Praneel knows a thing or two about diverse experiences. And at Lion, everything you bring to the table has value.

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Retail | Sales and Marketing

Isis - National Operations & Capability Leader - Retail

In: Retail | tags: Sales and Marketing

Her enthusiasm and passion put her on the radar. Lion’s capability training and mentoring gave her the tools to succeed. Find out how why Isis believes choosing a career at Lion was the best move she’s ever made.

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IT | Corporate

Jane - IT Support

In: IT | tags: Corporate

She’s seen the business grow, the people grow and opportunities appear at every turn. Twenty-five years at Lion and she still loves it every day.

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Elise - External Relations Director, BSW

In: Legal & External Relations | tags: Corporate

There’s a real focus on achievement, and sociability at Lion. Elise made the most of the opportunities she got, and now she’s helping others have the same success.

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