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Manufacturing Excellence Summary

Manufacturing Excellence (MEX), also known as Lean Manufacturing is more than KPIs and processes, it’s a framework for continuous business and people improvement efforts. We understand that even the best people need structure and a roadmap to get the most out of their career. So, we are there when our people need guidance with change leadership, sustainability, people engagement and collaboration.

As our people create some of the best products in the region, we build their capability, strength and pride in what they do. Across all brands, MEX brings enormous benefits to waste reduction, safety, wellbeing and equipment care. This allows us to deliver improvements in quality, cost, productivity, customer service and green initiatives across all sites to ensure a smart and sustainable growth plan for Lion.

Unlike other functions, we get to achieve our goals through the success of others. In a MEX role, we really get to make a difference and have a great time doing it.

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Ad Van Dijk

One of the drivers for me to go to Lion was that there was a clear purpose and the company had a vision of where it was going. It was very inspiring to me. We all want to follow strong leaders in the market and be part of a winning team and I think I found myself a winning team.

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