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Maintenance Summary

Lion Maintenance not only removes the spanner in the works, it keeps the spanner out of work. With the aid of forward thinking business leaders who believe in investing in leading edge technology, Maintenance provides mechanical and electrical support needed for the day-to-day running of operations.

Reliability engineering, maintenance planning, electrical programming, operations managing, new product development engineering and project management are just some of the divisions you can see yourself in at Maintenance. With our great people processes supported by our friends at People & Culture, you will be able to craft a self-development route best suited for you.

Geoff - Reliability Engineer

From heavy industry to milk products to beer tasting in a brewery. Discover what made this Geoff ‘s perfect job and why it’s never too late to follow your dream.

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Geoff Davis

Lion live and breathe their vision and purpose and value statements every day. Lion just does things better. You want to go the extra mile with them. They have a culture that makes you want to do the extra bit for them because they make it such a good place to work and an easy place to work.

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