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Logistics & Warehousing Summary

Lion Logistics has a vast scope that encompasses strategy, warehousing and distribution, internal support, national planning, inventory management, materials purchasing and scheduling. The complexity and vastness of this function means that we are exposed to a variety of responsibilities and roles across all brands, business units and geographical locations.

Our warehousing and distribution operation is one of the biggest in Australia. To preserve the Lion brand, we uphold the efficiency and the integrity of all our products, including a large proportion of short shelf life brands, every day.

From supplier to customer, and all parties in between, we manage every detail to uphold the integrity of our products and their delivery. This essential knowledge gained on the job gives us the grounding to move across scheduling, leadership or national planning roles if we choose to.

The advantage to your career of working in Lion Logistics is that it’s one of the few areas that come in contact with the entire supply chain and our customers. From internal stakeholders to production sites and suppliers you get the freedom to move across functions and brands.

Lion Logistics is truly an integral and integrated part of the overall organisation. What we do every day impacts and influences the Lion business, and that keeps us motivated to be the best we can be.

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Erin Holt

I’m definitely a really big advocate of our brands. I believe we make the best juice in Australia. Lion is very socially responsible, interested in the environment, and developing their people. People are the main thing as far as I’m concerned, and Lion think that way too.

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Geoff Challinger

The recruitment process is in-depth and it does take a bit of time to get through it but it works. It does deliver the best people within an organisation - people who have a common set of values and goals that they’re trying to work towards.

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