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Sales Summary

Lion Sales connects the dots for the business. We analyse how consumers engage with our products, identify regional and national opportunities, return the insights to the business, strategise distribution plans and execute Lion’s vision to be the leading and most trusted beverage and dairy brand in our world.

The truth is we are always striving for the best. We know the quality of our products and are passionate about building meaningful relationships with our customers and distributors. We are not about quick revenue spikes but long-term, smart and sustainable sales growth based on marketplace research, innovation and strategic development.

Not only do you get to be at the forefront of significant innovation in FMCG and work with the biggest customers across grocery, convenience and commercial, you can work across multiple locations, categories, channels and customers with some of best brands imaginable.

To top it off, you get to go out there, meet loads of interesting people, and truly have the best time doing it all!

Stu - State Sales Manager, Dairy & Drinks

Stu’s friend once told him ‘It’s a fantastic company and you’ll have the time of your life’. Now he’s been her for over ten years, we reckon she was right.

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Recent Vacancies

Haley Russell

We made a family decision to move to Queensland and I was in the lucky position to take some time to choose whom I would work for.

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Stu McIntosh

I talked to a friend who worked for Lion, she said ‘It’s a fantastic company and you’ll have the time of your life’. Now I’ve been here 10 years.

If you want career progression, this is the place to be. If you’re willing to learn, Lion will train you up.

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