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Finance Summary

Being a part of Lion Finance means we get to directly support the business in making smart commercial decisions that ensure stability and success for the company. The great people we work with within the team and across the divisions value and appreciate the business solutions we provide for them on a broad range of projects.

Our roles are a great blend of finance, planning, projects, commercial, acquisitions, investments, strategy and business partnering, with career opportunities in coaching, business analysis and leadership roles across Finance, P&C, and Sales & Marketing.

We are genuinely influencing the Lion business journey and its future. And that, is a pretty exciting prospect.

Emma - Commercial Director

Emma really enjoys the freedom and autonomy she gets to achieve in her role, and she has a great time doing it. Find out how sociability plays a vital part in a great career at Lion.

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Recent Vacancies
  • There are currently no job vacancies in this division .... to view other jobs available please click here.

Emma Beard

I started at Lion 13 years ago in a corporate business development role. From there I’ve moved through a broad range of finance roles, in commercial and corporate.

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Victor Bawalan

I’m an assistant accountant for the reporting and insights team. I’ve been in the role for almost a year now and with Lion close to five years.

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Mel Spence

I grew up on a little island in Scotland where the population is 20,000 and now I’ve come to the biggest island in the world and I’m working for a company that employs 7,000 people. I can’t quite fathom that given where I grew up!

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